Israel electrocuted hamas leader Sheikh Hashemi Tayat and his family (File)

Israel electrocuted hamas leader Sheikh Hashemi Tayat and his family (File)

In an interview published on Sunday, Ayman Seddiqi accused Hamas, the Gaza Strip’s largest Muslim group, of taking advantage of the situation with Israel in order to build terrorism in the West Bank.
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“Hamas made a decision to kill Tayat and his family because his father was an Arab and he wants to gain control of the Gaza Strip with the help of other Arab politicians. They didn’t need a reason, they chose it because they think Tayat was a puppet,” the Egyptian journalist said.

In a letter to the family and in an interview with Al-Arabiya TV, Ayman Seddiqi also said: “This is a clear lie. For the past six years the terrorists have been taking advantage of the situation and they killed his father who had the good will to work for the country. They killed his brother, nephew, and many other people because his father was an Arab.”

Seddiqi cited testimony from the Egyptian-born, Palestinian busine카지노 사이트ssman, Abu Mohammed Abu Khdeir, and also spoke to the Hamas spokesperson, Ismail al-Owaisi.

In a statement to Al-Arabiya, Hamas said that it had contacted its local leadership in Gaza to help the Tayat family through the difficult situation in Egypt and also offered “all help possible”.

It continued: “We call on the Egyptian government and the Arab and Palestinian governments and international organizations to provide more help and assistance to the Tayat family, and call on our brothers in Palestine to support the Tayat family to rebuild their lives in an Israeli-Arab state. These facts confirm the fact that the Egyptians and all the Palestinian and Egyptian regimes are working for the benefit of the terrorists.인터넷 카지노

Seddiqi’s report comes after reports that the Hamas official, Omar Abu Ali, was involved in planning terror attacks against Israel in an interview with Palestinian state television.

Seddiqi’s report, “Hamas: It was the Arabs who executed Sheikh Ayman al-Tayat” was published Sunday as the family of the Egyptian-born leader, who was killed on 16 June in the West Bank city of Hebron, celebrated the funeral of Ayman’s brother, Ibrahim.

On Sunday, Sheikh Ayman Tayat’s family issued a statement stating that “there can be no doubt that the brutal killing by the Palestinian security services of the leader of Hizbullah, A